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Trusted Experts On The Dominica Property Market

Safe Haven Real Estate was founded by Cecily Lees, an Attorney and Notary Public, and Archipelago Trading Ltd owned by Yvor Nassief, a businessman here in Dominica. It is now owned solely by Yvor as Cecily has retired.

Safe Haven Real Estate was Dominica’s first internet-based Real Estate company and has been in operation since 1999. In 2018 we relocated our office and are now located on 19 Elliot Avenue in Pottersville, upstairs of Max-Mart Supermarket formerly known as Wilson & Wilson Supermarket.

We specialize in the sale and rental of all types of property both commercial and domestic. For Developers seeking land for projects make this your first stop.

About Safe Haven Real Estate

Why Safe Haven Real Estate

1. Safe Haven is based in and dedicated to Dominica and is 100% Dominican-owned.

2. It has been providing a complete service since 1999, longer than any other realtor in Dominica.

3. It was set up professionally, with a visible outlet in the capital, based on the UK model, with properties displayed in the window.

4. It was the first realtor in Dominica to advertise properties for sale WITH THE PRICES DISPLAYED. The standards Safe Haven has set – the others have had no option but to follow.

5. It has a core of permanent staff – secretary/receptionist, property manager, services of an Accountant, persons familiar with building code and planning regulations to show the properties.

6. We seek counsel from trusted and experienced surveyors in matters concerning market prices for areas we are not familiar with.

7. Although we’ve relocated our office is still very visible and parking space is no longer an issue. 8. It has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence and has never been the subject of any litigation. If you are seriously considering purchasing property in Dominica speak to the Professionals.