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Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re searching for the right long-term rental to call home when relocating to Dominica, we are here to help. Your SHRE Agent belongs to a team of knowledgeable professionals who will show you an assortment of real estate options that suit your budget and preferences. Finding your new home will be easy and seamless.

1) What is the typical standard lease?
Usually 12 months, in some cases there may be 24 or 36 months leases. Most leases will include an option to renew for an additional 12 months.

2) What currency are leases usually in?
Residential leases are typically in United States Dollars.

3) What is the typical deposit/payment required on signing a lease?
It is the first and last month’s rent and a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. The security deposit will be returned at the maturity of the lease.

4) When is the security deposit retuned for a long-term rental?
The security deposit is returned at the maturity of the lease after the home is inspected by the landlord and any outstanding expenses are paid.

5) How can I pay the initial deposit?
Initial deposit can be paid by wire transfer, cheque, VISA, Mastercard or Pay Pal.

6) To whom is the initial deposit paid?
The initial deposit can be paid to SHRE and we will then transfer the funds to the Landlord. Subsequent rent payments will vary on the lease agreement.

7) What options are there if inspecting the property before arrival is not possible?
We would suggest that you discuss this directly with your SHRE Agent to ensure that the best possible solution is put in place.

8) Do your rentals come furnished?
All rentals will be fully furnished.

9) How much notice is generally required to schedule a viewing of a property?
There is a minimum requirement of 24 hours notice where properties are tenanted.  However, we are happy to make a request on short notice. For weekend showings please give us 48 hours notice so we can ensure landlords can facilitate.

10) Are pets allowed at rental properties?
Generally, pets are allowed but this varies from Landlord to Landlord. Your SHRE Agent can confirm this on any specific property. If you require information on bringing in pets from overseas, there is information available under useful links to facilitate this.

11) Do properties have insect screens?
In our tropical island climate, it is not unusual to have small insects flying in and through our homes. Some properties are fitted with window screens to keep this to a minimum. Your SHRE Agent can confirm if the particular property has screens.

12) Is high speed internet and cable available?
Yes, service is provided via FLOW & Digicel. Please see the download link to get further information. Your SHRE Agent will be able to confirm the features of each property upon viewing.

13) Does the rental price include maintenance of the garden and/or pool?
Some landlords may include the pool and garden maintenance. However, this is on an individual property basis. Your SHRE Agent can confirm this information on any property you may be interested in.

14) Does the rental price include utilities?
Internet will always be included in the rental rate, however, other utilities may not be included. Your SHRE agent can confirm with the potential landlord to see if they cover the cost of any utilities before signing your rental agreement.