American Canadian School Of Medicine

The Student Rental Process

Not sure how to start in your search for student accommodation? Follow these detailed steps, or reach out to the Student Rental Agent for guidance!

  1. Confirm your preferences:
    • Budget
    • Minimum Bedrooms
    • Location
    • Special requirements (e.g. pets etc.)
    • Preferred lease start date

  2. Review the listings and identify your favorites, these can be flagged automatically in your name on the rental portal by creating an account!

  3. Make arrangements to view the properties with a Safe Haven Agent. If a viewing is not possible prior to your arrival in Dominica a viewing via Zoom or additional information can be provided by the Rental Agent.

  4. After viewing, confirm a shortlist and identify the preferred property.

  5. Submit an offer through the Rental Agent which will include the monthly rent, start date, and any special requirements.

  6. The Rental Agent will negotiate on your behalf with the landlord.

  7. Once rental terms are agreed upon, the Rental Agent will prepare a lease for approval by both parties.

  8. Once the lease is signed by both parties, the tenant is required to make all agreed payments, the initial payment is the first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit of one month’s rent (3 months total).

  9. The Rental Agent will coordinate the handover of keys and ensure you are settled into your new home!