American Canadian School Of Medicine

Relocation Services

Safe Haven Real Estate can provide you with personalized relocation services that can move you, your family & pets safely to your new location in Dominica. Our services include but are not limited too Pre–arrival services, Destination Services, Housing, School Recommendations, Move Management, Vehicle leasing, and much more.

Pre-Arrival & Destination Services

  • Area Familiarity – checklist of shopping areas, churches, recreational areas, restaurants and nightlife areas.
  • Housing – arrange, coordinate, and accompany students and families to view potential properties, handle lease negotiations, make arrangements for deposits, initial rent payments etc.
  • School Searches – compile and provide information of potential schools.
  • Utility Connections - coordinate with landlords for telephone, cable, internet, electricity, gas, water, etc oordinate with landlords for telephone, cable, internet, electricity, gas, water, etc
  • Vehicle Leasing – Provide a shortlist of service providers for vehicle leasing, from our recommended Vehicle Rental Company.
  • Leisure activities including club memberships - f. research and provide information regarding hikes, community events, community organizations, etc. as requested.
  • Discussion of security issues - g. general orientation of safety in the area, provide appropriate emergency numbers and go over typical do’s and don’ts.

Move Management

  • Assist with shipment requirements.
  • Obtain quote(s).
  • Provide quote to client for approval.
  • Keep client and assignee/spouse updated on the progress of the move.
  • Coordinate for delivery/documents.

For further information and assistance please contact us.

We at SHRE offer a full range of personalized services to welcome, establish and integrate yourselves and your families to your new destination in the Tropical island of Dominica. We pride ourselves on offering red carpet treatment to our clientele.